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Acceptance Announcement

Acceptance Announcement

SFIPC now accepting applications for compensation in TEAPO Electronic Corp.(stock code: 2375, current name:KAIMEI ELECTRONIC CORP.)'s stock price manipulation case.

※ Eligibility requirements:
Those who purchased TEAPO Electronic Corp. shares from the stock market between September 2, 2019 and October 14, 2019 and who still suffered a loss after gains from selling TEAPO Electronic Corp. shares at the above date were deducted.
Those who are eligible should get all the documents ready and send them to SFIPC by April 28, 2023 (as shown on the postmark).

Please check SFIPC’s website ( or call (02)2712-8899 for further information.

※ SFIPC website:; service hotline: (02)2712-8899 address: 12F. , No.178, Sec. 3, Mincyuan E. Rd., Taipei City 105401, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 

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