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Announcement Regarding Allocation of Compensation Payments

As of March 2022, SFIPC has handled authorized registration for 86 cases including Pacific Electric Wire & Cable, Infodisc, PROCOMP Informatics, National Aerospace Fasterners, et al. Those who have registered but not yet received compensation payment are urged to contact SFIPC as soon as possible.

SFIPC has received partial compensation of funds in 86 class action suits undertaken for companies including Pacific Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.; Infodisc Technology Co., Ltd.; PROCOMP Informatics Ltd.; The Chinese Bank; National Aerospace Fasterners., et al.; (for more information, please download the full report on the left). SFIPC has issued registered mail every year to notify the authorized registered investors on matters regarding the amount of compensation allocated but contact has yet to be established with a portion of the investors. If an investor has registered a claim of compensation at SFIPC for the cases mentioned above but not yet received a compensation payment, please return the allocation notification letter or contact SFIPC immediately to facilitate fund remittance by SFIPC.

SFIPC Investor Services Hotline: (02)2712-8899.
Update Date:2022/04/18 17:02