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Shareholders' Rights and Interests


Pursuant to the Securities Investor and Futures Trader Protection Act Article19(a) and the Regulations Governing the Securities Investor and Futures Trader Protection Institution Article9, the Center is a shareholder of all TWSE/TPEx listed companies and promotes shareholder activism. The detail introduction as follow:

  1. In cases of private placement, capital decrease, merge or acquisition, excessive compensation for directors and supervisors , disproportionate dividend policy, major reinvestments, significant losses from reinvestment, large-sum endorsement/guarantee or excessive loans to others, which have material influence on the rights and interests of listed companies and shareholders, the Center will send an inquiry letter in the capacity of a shareholder, asking the company concerned to provide explanation or to take remedial actions. The Center issues hundreds of such letters a year, and if deemed necessary, will attend the shareholders’ meeting to express opinions and concern. It is helpful to call the listed companies attention to shareholders’ interests in major cases.
  2. The Center also keeps a close eye on whether problematic practices at those firms have been rectified in the effort to advocate the effectiveness of corporate governance and the protection of shareholders’ rights. In case the procedure for convening a shareholders' meeting or the method of adopting resolutions thereat is in contrary to any law, ordinance or the company's Articles of Incorporation, the Center, as one of the shareholders of the listed companies also may enter a petition in the court for annulment of such resolution under the Company Act.
Update Date:2015/12/26 12:21