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Welcoming Message and SFIPC Leadership

The protection of securities and futures investors is closely related to the healthy development of the securities and futures markets. Moreover, the liberalization and internationalization of Taiwan’s system further dictates the provision of a fair and secure trading environment.

The Securities Investors and Futures Traders Protection Act (hereinafter referred to as the “Protection Act”), which went into effect January 1, 2003, authorizes the government to establish an institution for investor protection. In accordance with the Protection Act, the Securities and Futures Investors Protection Center (hereinafter referred to as “SFIPC” or the “Center”) was established with court approval in 2003. Besides consultation and mediation, the Center also handles investor complaints, files class-action lawsuits on behalf of investors, and manages an investor compensation fund. The SFIPC was established to strengthen the investor protection mechanism and promote a sounddevelopment of the securities and futures markets in Taiwan.




Working Experience

Professor of Law, National Taipei University
Dean, Office and Research and Development, National Taipei University
Independent Director, Taiwan Financial Holding Company
Director, Securities and Futures Investors Protection Center
Commissioner, Petitions and Appeals Committee, Financial Supervisory Commission
Commissioner, Legal Affairs Committee, Ministry of Science and Technology



J.S.D. University of California, at Berkeley
LL.M. University of California, at Berkeley
LL.M. Soochow University
LL.B. National Taiwan University

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