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Organization Structure

Organizational Chart

The organizational structure of SFIPC from top to bottom is described below:
• 3 supervisors, who can investigate business and financial status of the center.
• The board of directors consists of 11 directors, and elects 1 director who is not a representative of donors as the chairman of SFIPC.
• The mediation committee consists of 15 members, and the SFIPC chairman is concurrently served as the mediation committee chairman.
• 1 president, to be ordered by the chairman to implement the resolutions of the board of directors, and to manage the business of the center in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
• 1 or 2 vice presidents, to assist the president to handle business.
• SFIPC consists of two departments, Legal Affairs Department and Administrative Department , whose functions are described below:

  1. Legal Affairs Department: provide mediation services of securities or futures disputes, file class-action suits or arbitration, file derivative suits and discharge suits , inquiry about the financial business of issuers or securities and futures-related institutions, provide relevant legal consulting services, urge companies to exercise disgorgement claims , and complete tasks assigned by the competent authority to achieve the purpose of the Securities Investors and Futures Protection Act.
  2. Administrative Department: handle the collection, custody, utilization and payment of the Investors Protection Fund. Manage human resources, documentation, filing, finance, accounting and other administrative affairs.
Update Date:2022/03/23 11:47