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In the case of TPK’s earnings distribution that falls short of shareholders’ expectations, SFIPC is closely monitoring the case to protect shareholder

In the case of TPK Holding’s earnings distribution that fell short of shareholders’ expectations, the SFIPC has received complaints from certain investors and is closely monitoring the case.

Investigations into the case found that TPK is an overseas firm and is not subject to an additional 10% income tax on profit-making enterprises for their undistributed surplus earnings, as stipulated in Article 66-9 of Taiwan’s Income Tax Act. Meanwhile, dividends distributed by TPK to individual shareholders are incomes from overseas, not from the Republic of China. As for whether the amount distributed by the firm was reasonable, the SFIPC is still monitoring the case to protect shareholders’ rights. The Center also urges listed firms to take shareholders’ rights into consideration when distributing dividends.

Update Date:2015/12/04 14:24